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Hospitality Industry News Updates

05, 20176:05

What do you think about:

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Would you like to study and earn money at the same time? We offer a unique opportunity to work in a restaurant as a waiter and study food and beverages or in a hotel and study housekeeping – with a JOB GUARANTEE ! The course fees will be financed by your job so you don´t even have to pay directly for your studies. And best of all: You get a Swiss qualification. Contact Your Future Expert

02, 201712:36

Did you know about your future?


Take a peek: an amazing summary of what happens today and tomorrow in the world. When we saw this video the first time it opened our view on what will happen tomorrow and it is really fascinating how thoughts starts flying. Do you have questions about your future? Please let us know, we have the answers which we would like to share with you. Contact Your Future Expert

01, 201721:44

Cooking is great!


We had an overwhelming response to our Career days. First of all regarding our demo stations which were run by our current batch of Swiss Institute students. They ran the stalls because they were closer in age to the school children we were addressing which made it more relatable. A majority of candidates were keen to participate in the demonstrations, several parents were gathered and asking for more information. Lots of girls were trying out the Mocktail demo. There was obvious  interest from candidates, and many of the mothers were particularly interested in the cookery demo, showing that not [...]

01, 201719:39

How do you design your career?


As Swiss Institute we didn’t just want to tell the youngsters of today what we think is important. Instead we showed them how to choose careers and how careers could change in the future. What careers would be obsolete and which careers would be of greatest demand. We asked them to consider the dynamics of choosing the right job in the right field to fit in with their capabilities and aspirations. We would like to help you in asking yourself the right questions. We also have the best people on board to design your career together with you. Please [...]

01, 20172:11

Did you miss our career days?


Here is our short summary: we explained a large audience of parents and pupils what a career in the fastest growing industry “tourism” is looking like. Those careers are translated in to more job opportunities and greater career prospects, to grow within the country or grow while traveling the world. We stressed on “Girl Power” or empowering the girl child and how a career in the Hospitality industry is both dignified and satisfying. Gitanjali then bore testament to what we said by relating her experience and growth in the industry. Do you want to get more insights, our experts [...]

11, 20162:33

Press Release: Why are we doing this?

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The Swiss Institute for Service Industry Development was founded by a group of entrepreneurs and industry experts from Switzerland. It is affiliated with the prestigious Swiss Hospitality Academy in Lucerne (SHL) and the bbz Academy, a premier banking consulting and training provider in St. Gallen. These Swiss entities endorse and certify programs conducted by the Swiss Institute. This is a first: Switzerland, the top of the world in hospitality education, is now available at your doorstep in Sri Lanka. We also offer programs in Switzerland, of course. Why are we doing this? The hospitality, travel and tourism industry [...]