The Sri Lankan hospitality industry and your passport to the world

Did you know that the hospitality Industry is the fastest growing industry in Sri Lanka?
Did you know that Travel and Tourism is the largest service industry in the world!

The hospitality industry offers attractive opportunities to graduates across the world. From attractive remuneration packages it is also your passport to travel the world and work in exciting destinations. A globally recognized diploma  is sought out by all those who aspire to be a part of this glamourous industry.

Worldwide the travel and tourism industry is  valued at US$7 trillion and contributes almost 10% to the global GDP whilst employing 277 million people and accounts for 1 in 11 jobs !

  • It is the single largest industry that provides the most employment opportunities for women and youth.
  • It is the fastest growing industry in Sri Lanka generating revenue of approx. US$2.9 Billion in 2015.

Since 2010 Sri Lanka has continuously ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. To cater to this high  demand we have seen a influx of some of the largest hotel brands investing in the country and thus creating a unprecedented demand for high caliber professionals.

International hotel chains are setting up operations around the country. The added advantage is that due to the geographic spread of tourism within the country, employment opportunities will be available even in some of the least developed areas of the country.

Unlike any other industry, the hospitality industry will now be at your door step.

Sri Lanka’s  tourism goal by 2025 is to ensure that the industry is the #2 foreign exchange earner whilst Tourism and supporting industry employs over 1  million Sri Lankans from the current estimated employment at over 300,000 people.

This opens up unprecedented opportunities for Sri Lankans within the hospitality industry. The high  demand for professionals from Sri Lanka to support the Asian and Middle East hotels widens the opportunities available for you.

The growth opportunity along with the earning power for industry employees is rising significantly driven by the high demand from the industry, the presence of global hotel chains within Sri Lanka and the unprecedented demand for professionals within the global industry.

In keeping with the principles governing the Sri Lankan tourism strategy for 2025 to position Sri Lanka as a “higher Value “destination, the Swiss Institute is positioned to offer the highest caliber of professionals to support both the local and global industry.

If you are ready to step into one of the most exciting industries globally, the Swiss Institute will arm you with a globally recognized diploma that will be your passport to the world!